2.10 Interview with Travis Higginbotham

Travis Higginbotham has an extremely niche job: he's a trainer for cannabis growers. It's a pretty straightforward plant to grow in a backyard or closet. But as the crop legalizes and greenhouses and indoor grows get larger, normal crop issues like IPM (integrated pest management), worker safety, and sustainability come to the fore. So in the interest of making larger-scale crop knowledge accessible, Travis & I got together & nerded out about running cannabis grows.

This interview was super long, so it's divided into 5 parts. The first two are here on Soundcloud, and the next three will post once a month. If you Must Have The Whole Thing immediately, the full 5-part series is available on Patreon at the $5 level as well: www.patreon.com/user?u=5610560

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Intro music: Fight ‘Em Down, Flash Fluharty

Sarah Taber