2.6 Biochar & Why Green Tech Adoption is a Mess Sometimes feat. Mike McGolden

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Mike McGolden is an engineer who builds equipment for making biochar. We talk about the drama of getting new green technologies ready to use, and the additional drama of convincing people to use it once it’s ready.

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Books, people, websites, & more mentioned in this interview

Coaltec (http://www.coaltecenergy.com/): Coaltec makes equipment that turn waste into charcoal. Their main market right now is farms, but the equipment works for all kinds of trash—household waste, food waste, tires, mixed natural/synthetic materials like plywood and clothing, etc.

Frye Poultry (https://fryepoultry.com/about): This poultry farm installed a biochar maker and uses it to turn their poultry litter (a mix of straw and bird poop) into charcoal. The charcoal that comes out is clean, odorless, and lighter than the litter.


Sound design & edits: Nat Weiner
Transcript: Tanja Drayton
Intro music: Fight ‘Em Down, Flash Fluharty

Sarah Taber