2.5 On Avocados & Being Considerate for Fun and Profit feat. Chris Summers


Chris Summers is Global Director of Food Safety and Compliance for Mission Produce—an avocado company. Companies need people like Chris in them making sure crazy shit doesn’t happen. Some companies use that person better than others. I’ve done some work with Mission and liked what I saw, so today we’re having Chris on to talk about what he does.

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Books, people, websites, & more mentioned in this interview:

Business research about how treat your people well makes your company work better:

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Taiichi Ohno, Toyota Production System: Beyond Large-Scale Production


Costco’s wacky HR strategies that actually put employees first : https://i-sight.com/resources/employee-relations-best-practices-costco/


Sound design & edits: Nat Weiner

Transcript: Tanja Drayton

Intro music: Fight ‘Em Down, Flash Fluharty 

Sarah Taber