2.1 Fitness Culture vs Health: interview with Michelle Allison

Episode notes

Michelle Allison is a nutritionist who teaches her clients how to eat to be healthy and feel strong, wherever that takes them—rather than trying to make their body look a certain way. Her website is http://www.fatnutritionist.com/, and she can be found on twitter at @fatnutritionist.

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Books, people, websites, & more mentioned in this interview

Terror management theory: good overview here. There’s also a decent entry on terror management on  Wikipedia. Both of these links have great collections of resources if you’d like to know more.

Decolonizing Fitness is a trans-friendly, fitness-at-every-size personal training practice based in Charlotte, North Carolina. You can find them here.

Diversifying Dietetics: This Atlanta-based group supports BIPOC working in nutrition (traditionally a very white field), and pushes the field of nutrition to be more culturally competent—to know how to recommend healthy diets in all kinds of foodways, not just WASP and “fusion” cooking.

The Cooking Gene: a book on Blackness, farming, and glorious Southern food.


Sound design & edits: Nat Weiner
Transcript: Tanja Drayton
Intro music: Fight ‘Em Down, Flash Fluharty